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Welcome to Top Nach

Our Philosophy

At Top Nach, we top our nachos with love so every chip is the perfect bite.

You deserve better nachos.

We believe that nachos don’t get the respect they deserve — and we’re doing something about it! Our nachos are never soggy (too many toppings), never naked (not enough toppings), and never disrespected by fake cheese sauce or canned jalapeños (the wrong toppings). 

In chips we trust.

We're all about the chips (and we aren't talking about money). We fry 'em up fresh so they stay crispy and artfully arrange them in a single layer for maximum topping exposure.

Topped with love.

We lovingly top our chips with melty cheeses and fresh, top-quality ingredients before baking them to order in a piping-hot pizza oven. (Fun fact: we even serve our nachos in pizza boxes for easy transport and devouring.)

We get saucy.

We drizzle our nachos with homemade sauces to make them perfectly balanced — from our signature TOP hot sauce to our cooling cremas.

We're naughty and we know it.

We live to eat (not eat to live) — and our food is a reflection of that. While we do everything we can to cater to dietary needs and restrictions, our nachos are intentionally indulgent and unapologetically naughty (kinda like our hashtag #getontop).

The Tale of Top Nach

Our journey started in college, where we both worked for a Philly restaurant that opened our eyes (and stomachs) to 5-star food — including next-level nachos. After we graduated from college and moved away from the city, we tried nachos EVERYWHERE in hopes of finding any that compared, but they never came close.


One day at a bar in Indiana, we ordered nachos that were so bad, they changed everything. That pile of stale, store-bought chips — with barely melted, full slices of processed cheese on top — inspired us to start our own nacho business. After a couple of beers, Missy came up with the name Top Nach, and the idea was officially born.

The Founders


Shane had been searching for his passion and finally found it in food, after purchasing a smoker in 2016. After some years working at a desk job, he decided to put his college degree to use and give teaching a shot. Shane taught middle school Reading for two years before becoming the Culinary Arts teacher at his school. His love of food and cooking continued to grow and he began to develop recipes for Top Nach, in hopes that he and Missy could eventually make their dream a reality!

Missy, master taste tester and nacho “decorator,” has been working as an advertising copywriter since graduating from college. Ironically lactose intolerant, she’s never let that stop her from chowing down on nachos or dreaming up new ways to top them. The Top Nach branding has been her fave marketing project of all time — and she hopes to join Shane full time on the trailer one day soon!

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